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Guarantee for Noelift Forklifts

1.Guarantee content

1.1 we will provide free parts if the spare parts break during warranty based on normal using :

A. Controller;Motor; gear box; driving axle; steering axle; wheel rim; cylinder; arrester; high-pressure hose;

B. Pump; control valve;

C. Fork; chain; mast bearing;

D. All the spare parts except which are listed in the clause5.

2.Guarantee period :

2.1 Frame, electric controller, pumping station, gear box ,motor, hydraulic control system and lift chain 12 months;

2.2 Battery,charger 12 months(remarks: if the battery quality, such as leading short circuit, and the change of capacity ,we can not provided warranty);

2.3 Starting time of guarantee; the day receipt bill of lading.

2.4 In order to confirm the data the customers receive the goods, the customers must sign on the delivery record.

3. The following condition lies outside the range of guarantee :

3.1 The loss caused by unreasonable operation against the manual or careless maintenance.

3.2 The damage originated from mistaken manipulation overloading working.

3.3 The spare parts whose function can be restored by simple repair or adjustment.

3.4 The damage due to natural hazard.

4. We don't be responsible for the parts and components purchased customers themselves.

5. This guarantee doesn't include the following content.

5.1 All kinds of oils and filter, such as hydraulic oil; core in the hydraulic oil filter, and other wearing parts, which need to be replaced during the guarantee period regularly.

5.2 Except the meter and its transducer, all the electrical are unqualified for guarantee , for instance.

A. A variety of plugs; jacks and wiring harness.

B. Fuses and lamps(including bulb).

C. All kinds of switches (braking; steering; backing; light and so on).

D. Components with contact, such as relay.

5.3 Other wearing parts, such as tire; brake lining; seal washer; gasket; glass; glasswork; nut; bolt; shim and son on .

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